My Moments

My Moments

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bye 2010, Hello 2011!

2 more days and we'll be saying goodbye to 2010. Wow, another year pass, another new year in. Time sure flies huh? I just want to end 2010 with awesome memories and after looking back on all the days, months, hours, minutes and seconds I spent for the last 354 days, it was just perfectly fantabulous! I will be lying if I say that there isn't any hiccups for the last 354 days. That's just nonsense! Every single day, I will face hiccups be it huge or small. It's a learning process. I realized I enjoyed most when I'm learning new things.

A lot of happenings I've been through in 2010. I learn a lot from there and I'm still learning as well. First, one of the most memorable moments in 2010 that I've been through with my loved ones will be my DARLINGS! (Suji, Denise, Yee Ling, Dama, Zarinna, Ida, Ivy) On December 3, was an awesome night I had with you girls except for Ida (wish you was there babe :'<) It was a FANTASTIC birthday celebration we had for the 3 celebrants [Yee Ling Darling, Suji Darling & Denise Darling]. That was the night I realised how much I missed each and everyone of you darlings. Since then, we've been meeting every week consistently. I just love it! :D

Second, another memorable moments will be with my instant daughter, my beloved sister Jaclyn, a soft spoken girl, Shirley, Alvin (Shirley's bf) and Ardi . They are also part of my memories and moments I treasure a lot. I didn't expect myself to be so close to someone whom I just got to know a few months and Ardi for 3 years and 9 months! They, like my darlings, thought me the meaning of fun, presence, support, encouragement, loyalty and most importantly the care for one another. It doesn't matter how often we meet, but what matters most is the heart.

Lastly, these are the people that brought me up to be who I am today. They are none other than my beloved family members. I love them as much as I love the above mentioned people. They thought me the meaning of family bonding, the strong relationship we have, that kept us going strong as a family. Even though we do have disagreements in the family, we are still as strong and as bonded as before.

All in all, the people that I met, is still meeting and will DEFINITELY be meeting for many countless years to come, I just want to say thank you for embarking in my life. Without you, life is plain. Lets end 2010 with full enthusiasm, excitement and full of GREAT MEMORIES!

Love, hug & kisses