My Moments

My Moments

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just HATE people who starts a conversation swearing others especially if that conversation is only meant for you (receiver) and the other party (sender). I don't know why must this sender ALWAYS start swearing whenever he talk to me! It's FREAKING ANNOYING! It really is! That's NOT all! Every sentence that he said has vulgarities in it! Can you imagine that?

I mean, if you are angry and start swearing I understand but this IDIOT thinks it's damn cool to swear at people. He thinks he is a gangster or some big shot guy? Oh PUR- LEASE! Every single message or MSN conversation is a MUST for him to start swearing! It's like %&&%^%#%^#!!!!

Hopefully he gets the message that I COULDN'T BE BOTHERED to entertain his NONSENSE! Every single message or convo, is always a single word reply from me! SERVE HIM RIGHT! I'm trying very HARD to ignore this SHALLOW kid! Like seriously, go and learn some basic manners boy!

Till then
With love, hugs & kisses