My Moments

My Moments

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Someone is sweeping my blog right now just because she has time NOW! Annoying KNOW! Hahahahaha.... Well, can I say this please:


For the very first time I went for holidays not thinking of anything... It feels damn good to go for holidays... Can I have more of HOLIDAYS please?!!! Hahaha... I'm just glad that I went away for a while...

Nowadays, I am just TOOO LAZY to upload photos in my blog... It's tooo troublesome to shift here and there... ANNOYING!!!

Anyways, yesterday I had a lot of fun besides being irritated by my family and my colleagues! Everything was awesome! Yesterday, my aunt decided to have a mini birthday celebration at my grandparent's house for her son's 4th birthday! We had SWENSEN Ice-Cream CAKE! I want Peppermint Ice-cream cake for my BIRTHDAY can?! Hahahaha... At 8, my uncle sent me down to Bedok Jetty Area F Pit 60 for my ex-colleagues birthday bbq! It's FREAKING FAR! OMG! Poor Zam, Wan and Ikha had to walk miles after miles from Macdonald!

I was sooo happy to see a few of our ex-colleagues... It's been very very long since we last meet up! It was just like a reunion... Though it was just for a while, it was great! We gonna have gathering sooon yeah people! I hope we can have full attendance.. Hee :D

Orite then! I'll see if I have time and the mood to upload photos! Till then peepz!

With love, hugs & kisses