My Moments

My Moments

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things are getting bad these days... I thought it will be ok soon.. But now it seems very

tense... Last Friday, when I asked you if you were still angry with 'K' in the morning,

you replied me "it's my problem, not your problem!" I was taken aback by your words...

Nevertheless, I just smile after what you said! I was actually hurt by your words!

Why do you have so much of angst in you? It's over, for goodness sake! Try to LET GO,

FORGET IT! I am really very sad at how you behaved... I never once thought that a big

brother that I looked up to change within a few days.. Haiz, one after another is leaving

and you are doing this!

I just need strength and courage to keep this alive... Please give me the strength to stand

on my feet for as long as I can...