My Moments

My Moments

Saturday, November 14, 2009

World Kindness Day

Have I told you that I HATED tour groups sooo much?! Especially the bloody CHINA people...

It's like they have never seen food for ages! YUCKZ! Yesterday was the most irritating day I

had... There were a lot of tour groups and it was full house until 3ish... Of course not only the

tour groups but there were students as well. They came in a huge group and we had to turn over

the table for quite a number of times... Haiz... The only persons on floor were Ken, me and Hans.

Lucky thing Hans came at 1 or else, I'll be very annoyed! At around 4ish, the restaurant was

very peaceful. I LIKE! Helped my dear Rustam with cooking for a while since there wasn't

anything much to do on floor.

So, while I was cooking omelette, I heard Jack calling my name. He surprised me with a

sunflower! SO SWEET of him! He said it's a world kindness day and he got the flower from

Orchard and it says "Give this to someone you appreciate." Sooo SWEET!!! He made my day :D

After work, I head down to Vivo to meet Ardi. We wanted to go to Sentosa to chill out but it was

raining so I waited for him to end work first. I waited for him for an hour and fall asleep at the

bench. We head down for dinner first coz this insurance guy haven't had his dinner yet. Guess

what? We went to Sentosa close to 8 p.m. We had a night picnic and he is really a local tourist.

Never been to Palawan beach's bridge LoL! Call me a tourist, I wonder who has the tourist look

yesterday lol! I've never seen people wearing formal wear to Sentosa also...Hahaha... Anyways, I

had a lot of fun laughing at you yesterday. Thank you buddy... Will camp at Sentosa

when I accomplish the challenge that you post to me yeah ;D

With love, hugs & kisses
Afifah :D