My Moments

My Moments

Thursday, July 12, 2007

OK... Sorry people... I know I've not been updating my blog entry and there's spider web here and there and according to SOMEONE... the spider is also complaining that it needs to visit my blog every now and then just to build webs huh??... Wondering if you can talk to spiders Suji?? haha... anyways.. here are the next quizzes that Joy has been waiting for...

What Your Favourite Snack Food Says About You

1. Cheese curls: Formal, proper and conscientious, you have strong principles and morals. You plan for the future,taking into account any obstacls you're likely to encounter, and you take care of details. You are extremely neat and clean. Cheese curl lovers make good psychiatrists and movie producers.

2. Meat snacks: Meat snack lovers are at their best in large groups. You talk a lot, love to socialize, and do incredible things just to please others. You are loyal, true friend and you can always be trusted. You'd make a great bartender or dentist.

3. Nuts: You ar easygoing and understanding.When confronted with chaos and emotion, you can be counted on to create peace. Your even temper allows you to handle emergency situationswith skill. You'd make a good politician, architect, plumber, or sanitation worker.

4. Potato Chips: You are an ambitious high achiever, programmed to be a winner. No one wants to compete in sports with a potato chip lover. You are furious when something stands in your way, however, and have no patience for standing in line, for instance. Potato chip lovers are success-oriented: you make great lawyers and police officers.

5. Pretzels: Lively and energetic, you become bored by routine. You love challenges, whether in sports, in school, or at home. You're the first to pick up new trends, but you tend to initiate projects that don't always get completed. Your most likely avocation would be journalism, fire fighting, or medicine.

6. Snack crackers: You are shyand introspective, thoughtful and logical, rather than emotional. You avoid confrontation because you hate the idea of hurting other people. Your private time is very important to you. You may become a stock broker or race car driver.

7. Tortilla chips: You're perfectionist with high expectations of yourself. You're not satisfied with an A. For you, only an A+ will do. You are concerned about the injustices of society. You are always on time for everything. You'd be a good news anchor, farmer, or travel agent.

7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Don't Wear Makeup
1. Petroleum jelly is your best friend. Use it on your eye-brows and eyelashes to make them shine, gloss your lips with it, and dab on each cheek for a healthy glow.

2. Comb or brush your eyebrows with a small comb that is sold for this purpose. It will make them neater.

3. If you have very bushy eyebrows or hair on your face where you don't want it, consider waxing or other hair removing techniques.

4. You can even out your skin tone orhide blemishes by using light-textured foundation.

5. An eyelash curler will accent your lashes.

6. If you're tired and need to get the red out of your eyes, apply any of the following to your eyes (while they're closed) for 10 mins while you lie down: an ice pack, slices of cucumber, or cold teabags.

7. The cleaner you are, the better you look. They haven't yet been able to invent makeup that can compete with the healthy glow of really clean skin.