My Moments

My Moments

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello readers... For those of you who have been reading my blog entries
and always waiting for new updates.. thank you so much... Though
there's like spider web crawling all over the blog... HeHe... OK.. I've been
reading this book called "The Book of LISTS FOR TEENS" I find it very
interesting and most of it is true for me... See if it is really true for you...
Just something to share with bloggers and the readers... OK here goes....

10 Childhood Habits That Are Hard to OutGrow
1)Nail Biting
2)Hair Twirling
3)Thumb Sucking
4)Sleeping with a stuffed animal
5)Arguing incessantly with your parents
6)Talking with lisp
7)Playing with food
9)Throwing temper tantrums

So which one fits you well?? Tag me and I would like to know
whether we share the common things. You can choose more
than 1...

What Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour Says About You
1) Banana cream pie: You're well-adjusted person who
is easy to get along with.
2) Butter pecan: You're serious, competitive, and a perfectionist.
You hold high standards for yourself and you have a fear of
hurting others.
3) Chocolate Chip: You're competitive, ambitious, generous and
4) Coffee: Lively, dramatic, and flirtatious, coffee lovers often throw themselves into everything they do and then become overcommitted.You're easily bored and so must always surround yourself with interesting people.
5) Double chocolate chunk: You like attention and excitement.
You're creative, enthusiastic and charming. You are easily bored.
6) Mint Chocolate Chip: You're ambitious and confident. You can also
be very argumentative. You'd make a great attorney.
7) Rocky Road: You are charming, aggressive, and goal-oriented.
You're generally relaxed and secure, but you do have a temper. You
sometimes inadvertently hurt the feelings of those around you.
8) Strawberry: You are thoughtful, logical, and intuitive. You have
strong opinions, you're generally introverted, and you pay attention to details. You're generally shy.
9) Vanilla: You're impulsive, you take risks, and you have high expectations. Close relationships are important to you; chances are you come from a close family. You often display your affection for people around publicly.

OK... That's about it, there's still more to come. The next entry I will post about "What Your Favourite Snack Food Says About You" & "7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Don't Wear Makeup"
Sounds interesting? HMMM.... ok... will be back with more... :-)