My Moments

My Moments

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I had a bad accident yesterday. At home i mean, not outside... I was soo careless in the bathroom

that I tripped and fall while bathing... Supposed to go and watch movie with Suji darling but

unfortunately because of the accident, I can't. My left shoulder hit the ground and I felt super

dizzy and nausea after the huge impact on my shoulder... It was awfully painful... I couldn't

even move my left shoulder because it hurts a lot... I can only move from my elbow down... I

can't even stand for too long if not I'll get dizzy and my vision were not clear and I felt nausea as

well... What a day to start with in the beginning of the week... Haiz... Now I can't work for like a

week... Damn it... Today it's getting better after crying a lot while my dad massage my injured

shoulder... At least I could move my left shoulder but it still hurts... Hopefully by tomorrow the

pain will subside a bit and I recover fully on Friday so that I can go to Sentosa with my darlings

and go for my LP81... Right time to go...