My Moments

My Moments

Monday, February 26, 2007


Today Suji, Ida and me went for jub hunting AGAIN!! We went to Bugis.. Do some window shopping... And decided to start finding for job.. We tried our luck at SHAW or CATHAY(i'm not too sure which one) and the guy who attended to Suji said that we have to bring a passport photo and come back again the next time... This was our first try... So we thought that maybe we will come back another day...

After that we wanted to try our luck by calling SEOUL GARDEN and try to ask whether there's any vacancies... Ida did the calling... hehe... And the manager asked us to come for interview from 3-5.. Both Suji and me were excited but not Ida coz she cannot where 'tudung' if she get the job... We were on time for the interview... Came exactly at 3... hehe... KIASU right?? I know that... like I used to say "WE NEED MONEY"!!! so yar... haha..

The interveiw went smoothly... The manager was very friendly... He said he will give us a call by tonight but none of us receive a call from HIM!! So hopefully he will call us by tomorrow... PLS! PLS! PLS! Let us have the job!!! Well if we didn't get the job then I guess we have to do another job hunting... SO SICK OF JUB HUNTING!!! Hmm oklah... I'm tired... Shall update about SEOUL GARDEN again tomorrow... Bye and nitez!!! :-)