My Moments

My Moments

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've never experienced such LOST in my life... I LOST MY LAPTOP yesterday at

work... OH MY GOD... Now I don't know what to do.... Never in my life I face such a terrible

incident.... I suspect it could be one of the idiotic customers who took my laptop!!! I seriously

don't think is my colleague... Maybe some of you might say that "YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW IS

ONE OF YOU COLLEAGUE"... I DON'T THINK IS THEM... Haiz.... Losing a laptop is

MUCH WORSE than dropping a laptop twice or thrice... Now I find it hard to face my

parents... They work so hard to buy me a one laptop for my education... And here I am losing

a laptop worth of $1800 with just a click.... I AM A VERY CARELESS GIRL...

Even my pay is not that much and how the hell am I going to pay back??!!